Terry Fox Run


This morning, I had a great time at the Terry Fox Run for Cancer Research, and I’m very proud of my friends for having contributed to a great cause.

I also learned a few things about myself as a runner:
1. I’m fastest when I’m on the edge of maintaining my core temp and loosing feeling to my extremities.
2. I can maintain a 4:30/km pace on a course with 102ft elevation gain, 2.5hrs of sleep, at my lowest red blood cell count time of the month.
3. 1 lap is ~4K, not 5.
4. I need to run more hills, I’ve gotten spoiled by the pristine waterfront trail.

I also remembered:
1. Starting mid-pack sucks.
2. The awesome feeling of sprinting past the guy I was leap-frogging in the last 50m to the finish.
3. How much fun I used to have at XC meets.
4. The satisfactory feeling of not being stellar while not being particularly slow.

Now that the experience is over, it’s, once again, time to trade in the urge to chase other people and pursue personal bests instead.


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